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The garden bench can create beautiful corners

The garden bench may not only serve for sitting. If you choose the right type and place it appropriately, it will become a design part of your garden. Before putting your bench, take a moment to think, find out where you are right where you want to rest. Do you want to heat in the sun or look for a shady corner? Also keep in mind that you sometimes carry some refreshments with you, of course you will not want to go around the garden.

Where and how to place the bench?

  • To the front door

Old benches stood at the entrance to the house. Place it there and now. You can put off your bag when looking for keys or sitting on it while waiting for a partner who is not yet ready to leave.

  • Garden or terrace

Benches are the ideal place for sitting on the paved parts of the garden – the gazebo or the terrace next to the house. Summer weather invites you to grill or sit by the fireplace in the garden and what else do you sit on than on the bench.

A properly placed bench in the garden can also serve as a decorative element. You can arrange a flower pot with beautiful plants. If you want to be original, you can create a decorative bench yourself, with the help of stones and logs. In this case, it is not the first comfortable sitting but the originality.

  • Flower relaxation

Because we sit on a bench at a time when we want to rest, we place it in a place where it will be pleasant, for example, near a blooming flowerbed, bubbling fountains or rockies

A sense of tranquility and well-being leads to a green corner with a tree or shrubs.

  • Let’s get some guy

The “rocking” bench will appreciate not only children but also adults. Available in many different sizes and designs. Afternoon relaxation at lying down and perhaps with a nice book and a slight bounce is an ideal break.

  • Choose the right one here

When choosing a garden bench, keep in mind that in the first place it should not be the appearance, but above all the comfort, we can also bring the pads that we place on the bench. It should also tune in with the architecture of the house, for it will stand up to it.