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Unbelievable bird feeder that also enhances your garden

Birds are not only beautiful creatures that will revive and enhance your garden. They are also excellent helpers who get rid of insects and some even help pollinate your plants. By creating the rails, you prepare them for a settlement. If you have children, you can involve them in the production of feeders to support their manual activities. We bring some untraditional feeds that are practical and at the same time make your garden more beautiful.

This feeder uses a wooden bowl as a roof.

Do not you know what extra cans?

For those who want to see their favorite bird species without having to go outdoors, this window feeder is the perfect solution.

An empty bottle is sufficient and the feed is protected from moisture.

Do you have unnecessary egg payments at home? They can be an ideal bird feeder.

This unconventional feeder is made of rolls of toilet paper. It suffices to smear them with butter and wrap them in seeds.

A piece of wire and fruit is enough, and a fruit feeder is in the world.

A nontraditional feeder from a milk box.