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Benefits of the garden tractor

The garden tract is a great helper for anyone who wants to have their land maintained. Thanks to it, you will get an invaluable help not only for the garden, but also for the space around the house and the areas where the mowing by the garden mower is tedious. 

Benefits of garden tractors:

  • convenient and fast way to care for
  • larger grassy areas
  • better mowing
  • wider use possibilities
  • the possibility of aerated lawn
  • the possibility of connecting a trolley or
  • cultivator

When choosing a tract you need to consider not only the price, but also the terrain in which you will use the tract. Terrain breakdown If you have a sloping or hilly garden terrain, go to the wider range of tractors with more performance.

If there are a lot of obstacles on your site (flower beds, shrubs, garden ponds, trees), your trakler has to have good maneuverability, a small turning radius (better to avoid obstacles) and a suitable gearbox.

What about the cut grass?

There are several options:

  • collector basket
  • mulching
  • side discharging
  • rearward deflector spacing

Thanks to mulching, the bits of grass naturally decompose and pass on so important nutrients to the soil. In the dry season, this is a great way to prevent the lawn dry.

The recycling bin will allow grass to be used in the compost. The side casting is suitable for large areas.

Tractor accessories

Currently, you can choose from a range of accessories to help keep your lawn in perfect condition. The most popular types of accessories are:

  • trailer trucks – for transporting grass or small material
  • grass rollers – help to equalize the terrain
  • lawn cleaners – Free lawn of grabbed branches, leaves, mulch bark remnants
  • spreader – suitable for spreading seed or different types of fertilizers; in winter it is suitable for working with dirt material
  • aerators – Improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the grass
  • sprayers