An ERP system that adapts to your company’s needs

Do you need one comprehensive system from which you can conveniently control your entire company? No problem, just choose an ERP with CRM system. It is a system with which you can manage everything from company projects to employees, company finances, advertising campaigns and communication with clients. You may be a little confused when choosing, as there are multiple solutions on the market, but not every solution may be right for your business.

AutoCRM is the most advanced solution that is perfect for you

We are privileged to have one of the most advanced ERP systems (with CRM) in the open source community, namely AutomaticERP.com. What makes it so revolutionary? Apart from being an Open Source solution in 24 languages, the fascinating thing about it is that it is suitable for all companies regardless of their differences. You can be a small company with two employees or a large company with several thousand employees, and the system will suit you. This is because specialists will tailor it to your needs.

If you have company projects that you need to keep under control at all times, you can conveniently manage them from the system. Managing them is also made easier with a Gannt chart, which allows you to see the sequence of tasks, the stage of completion or even the expected end date of the project. You can communicate with all employees from the system, plan their work, send assignments, monitor their workload or attendance. You will have an overview of absolutely everything, including company finances. You can manage invoices, view profit or turnover for different periods, your expenses and much more. You will also have communication with clients under your thumb, because the system will also perform the function of an email client, and here you can also send offers, newsletters, register business opportunities and view detailed information about all clients. Your options are almost limitless and this system will completely change how your business works. Find out more information at AutomaticERP.com