How to Choose an Agency for Egg Donation

You have decided to apply to an Egg Donation company, and you are wondering where to go? What is the best agency or service for a donation? As more and more people worldwide and in the USA are deciding themselves to become a donor, the more offers appear on the market, and here is where you might have questions. Here is why you should decide on Feskov’s agency.

Previous Cases

Our agency was founded by Alexander Feskov, who has worked in the industry in Ukraine since 1995. What makes the agency so notable are three significant factors — technologies, the team of professionals, and a great variety of services:

  1. As our agency is one of the most successful globally, we are keeping up with our reputation by keeping the standards for technologies high. All the used methods are the ones approved worldwide and that are safe for both males and females.
  2. People working on our team are attentively chosen and are among the best in their area. We work with people who have directly had some experience in surrogacy or studying the science of it.
  3. We offer the best service — there is an excellent variety of them, from sperm donation to direct IVF, we help people all over the world, so even if you live far away, like in the USA or Canada, choosing our agency will be a decision you are never going to regret.

We can guarantee you the best support from us and the best service you can think of, whether you are a donor or an intended parent.

Meet Your Surrogate

Surrogacy offers parents a great variety of help. Getting a child must be a stressful experience, and so is the egg donation because here, from both sides, people are taking on a responsibility to give birth to a new child, who later on in his life might have questions about where they come from and how they were born. That’s why our agency encourages our donors and intended parents to choose “known egg donation” so that the family has an opportunity to contact the egg donor whenever they need it.

Donors can even become a part of the family, if it works for both, obviously. Of course, potential parents and donors might want to keep it a secret, and we completely understand that and offer an anonymous donation; however, our agency is all for the known surrogacy.

Choosing What’s Best

When choosing an agency, what people mostly look for are the people who work there. Our agency is working with true professionals who have proven their abilities to provide the best service. Usually, in our agency, egg donations are made on-demand; however, there is also such an opportunity as egg banks.

They basically froze eggs that were donated some time ago, here there is the only flaw that there are lower chances of fertilization; that’s why most people go for the first option and apply to banks if there are no other ways left. We also are working specifically with women who have already had such an experience in our team, who can, through their experience, help you with the donation.

If you are still unsure how to donate and what method to choose, you can always contact us or sign up for a meeting, and we will guide you through every question you might have.


Along the process, women are always under the eye of doctors, workers, and professionals. We support you the entire time, right from the start when you decided to apply for an egg donation. It is firstly a callous process for health because before donating, both of us need to make everything go smoothly and make sure you are healthy and what we offer is of great quality, that we offer to the intended parents.

Women who usually visit us and choose to become donors go through a long period of medical checkups, so you gotta be ready for that — however, we are offering you the most comfortable process and help throughout it, so if you have any questions or misunderstandings, we are where to help you.

We are warning you about all the potential risks, and even if you are sure you want to become a donor, but we see it would hurt both you and us, we can not risk it. However, our professionals are always ready to overcome any obstacles.