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Lavender not only for beauty, cultivate it and you.

Lavender not only looks beautiful and smells but also has many health and other benefits.

We can use it in the garden and rock garden as a “flushing” bush. A bag of fragrant lavender placed in a wardrobe helps fight moths. If you place it on a window sill, they will avoid the ants who are unintentional visitors to our homes in the summer.

It is indispensable in cosmetics, where it is part of a wide range of products, especially aromatherapy products. Lavender massage oils have stimulating effects, helping to relieve muscle and joint pain. Aroma oil in the lamp creates a pleasant soothing atmosphere.

The soothing effects are used in various herbal mixtures used for headache or insomnia.


The home of lavender is the Mediterranean, but has gradually spread throughout the region. The place associated with lavender cultivation is the Provence region in the south-east of France.

It is one of the most awesome plants and its cultivation is not really challenging. You can grow it not only in the garden, but also on the balcony or window sill, which is adorned by its beautiful, rich, small-purple flower.

  • a sunny place protected from the wind
  • permeable soil
  • enough calcium
  • watering to the roots
  • trimming after flowering


You can use a whole plant or just flowers. If you want to dry it, choose a shady spot that can be well-ventilated and the plant’s bunches hang the flowers down. Thus, plants can be used as decorations later

Separately dried flowers placed in cloth bags can be placed in the wardrobe. Not only will your clothes beautifully smell, but also discourage any unwanted visitors – moles.

Fully developed, dried flowers are ideally suited for tea production, which has calming effects, positively affects women during climacterium, positively affects stomach problems and is beneficial to the liver and gall bladder.