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How to Crop Gardening Plants

If you are going to start a new garden, you will surely welcome climbing plants and trees, they will grow quickly and so the garden will soon turn on. You can also use them to cover a pergola, gazebo or relaxing seating. It will provide you not only privacy, but also a pleasant shadow that we will appreciate especially in the summer. Some species can also be placed on balconies and terraces, because they can withstand growing in containers. If they cover the walls of the house, they act not only as decorations but also as thermal insulation.

What’s best for the Talks

If we decide to grow wilting plants – such as actinidia, honeysuckles, or wisteria, you need to have vertically guided rods, wires or ropes

For gramineous and sedentary plants – jasmine or grapevine, different types of grids or supports are used horizontally.

Ideal plants are self-supporting plants that do not need almost any support. These plants include, for example, ivy.

  • The grids are suitable for a large number of plants. These are, for example, suckers or climbing roses.
  • If we use vertically towed wires, they are already beaten by the aforementioned vistaria, honeysuckle or alien. Wires can be placed almost anywhere. The ideal location is the walls of the home. In this case, we run the wire from the truss and anchor in the ground.
  • Pergolas are specific garden buildings that help the garden to be broken down and create a corner for relaxation. Plants around them are planted with respect to the habitability of the habitat. However, if we want to have pearl pearls, a solid foundation is needed. We have to assume that the plants will be heavy in adulthood.
  • Tensions are also suitable for wooden or wire fences. Here, especially subtler species, such as bumble bees that are not so heavy and do not damage their fence’s design, will be well suited.