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Why give up the wallpaper? They are incredibly trendy

Wallpapers offer a number of advantages. One of them is a quick and easy transformation of the visual appearance of the room, covering some shortcomings that color can not do and if we make their look tired, we simply replace them with another pattern.

Modern wallpaper

The modern look of the wallpaper is suitable for any part of your home or apartment. They will help you complete or change the style of the whole space, even if you use them for example on only one wall or part of it. In addition, they hide minor imperfections, but allow the wall to breathe. They also provide insulating properties – heat and sound.

  • Wallpapers with geometric patterns and optical deceptions

This type of wallpaper is ideal for modernly furnished interiors. The most common motifs are simple strips that help space to zoom in. If you want to add more room to your room, use wallpapers with more complex combinations of geometric patterns to create the impression of 3D motifs. The color base is selected according to the type of space.

The golden lines that you can use for both darker and lighter backgrounds are very impressive.

  • Flowers and natural motives

If you use wallpapers with natural themes, you can relax. You can use both floral patterns and wallpapers to illustrate the trees.

  • Children’s room wallpapers

Thanks to the wide range of children’s designs, wallpapers can be used as a suitable decoration for a child’s room. The advantage of some species is that they can be wiped off, so we keep them clean.

Some tips

  • If you do not want to use the wallpaper on the entire wall or you want to avoid linking individual patterns, there is nothing easier than using a wallpaper image.
  • Always select the pattern on the wallpaper according to the device style, be aware of what will be placed before the wallpaper. The unobtrusive and pastel pattern is suitable almost anywhere. More distinctive design requires a great deal of taste.
  • The optimal temperature for wallpapering is 19 ° C. At higher temperatures, it dries out more quickly.
  • It is best to work with Vlies wallpapers.