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The living room can also be purple

Colors are all around us, and their impact on our lives is enormous and yet too often underestimated. Subconsciously, they affect our moods, and therefore it is good to consider them when arranging living rooms.

It is necessary to take into account the feelings of the space and to choose the color tones accordingly.

What does purple symbolize us?

It is a symbol of strength, luxury, ambition, wealth, but also extravagance. It is connected with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, but also with mystery and magic.

The sacred colors are purple liturgical (ritual) color. In many traditions it is a symbol of intelligence and knowledge. It is a mystical, mysterious and fascinating color, designed for artistic types and a strong spirit. It is associated with meditation and according to Feng Shui it creates the perfect atmosphere for quiet introspection. It is the color that combines the stability of the blue and the red energy.

Its shades range from the darkest purple to the lavender light bar.

Tips for using purple color in the home

  • Use lighter shades of purple in your home.
  • Purple color is suitable for relaxation, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Modern furniture is purple in color.
  • If you want to create a living room in a modern and luxurious style, combine the shades of purple with metallic decorative elements. You can use any kind of metal. The ideal metallic color is silver, nickel or gold.
  • Aluminum is suitable as a complement to purple chairs or table lamps.
  • Combining purple and silver shades, you create a luxurious atmosphere in the room.
  •  The purple color is considered to be a woman’s color, but you can create a masculine atmosphere by combining it with other shades.
  • A cozy and comfortable environment can create a violet sofa in the room
  • If you are a fan of purple color, you can use its different shades to create an elegant space. Use one shade for another sofa for carpet and accessories.
  • The Velvet Purple sofa combined with wooden chairs and a fireplace creates a cozy ambience from your living room.