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Why buy a wooden house?

The wooden structure is ecological, economical, provides a pleasant background and rarely smells wonderful. At present, their popularity is growing and construction is expanding more and more.

If a wooden structure is properly designed, it is very environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of wood buildings?

Wood is a material that is made from renewable sources, it is very pleasant and more natural.Tomes built of wood are heated faster. The wooden construction is ideal for achieving a low energy standard. A great advantage is the speed of construction. Construction is also dry. Wood buildings provide        good thermal insulation properties. If necessary, disposal is unpretentious. In the case of low-energy wood buildings, the savings in heating and the low energy consumption of the building are also very positive. Formal stability is also a significant advantage.

Some myths and facts

For some of us, the wooden structure is not an ideal family home. The reason can be a number of prejudices associated with wooden structures.

  • Wood is more susceptible to fire because wood is a flammable material

The primary cause of the fire is usually not the material itself, from which the house is built. Fire arises as a result of poor household operation. It depends on the construction – the smooth and perfectly machined panels are less prone to fire than the roughly worked beams.

  • Wood buildings are more prone to moistur

Moisture resistance is determined by the quality and appropriate design.

  • Woodworking needs more care

It depends on the choice of material. It is true that from time to time it is necessary to paint the wood with oil or glaze, but it does not need any previous adjustments

  • They do not have a long life

Again, it depends on the type of material.