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Terry or velvet? Have a look at the choice of sheets

How do you sleep, so sleepy and so comfortable to sleep in the night. On the quality of sleep, the choice of bedding is not so great, we want the bed sheet and the bedding to be pleasant to the touch, it smooths us slightly, it must be firm and have some durability.

Sheets were formerly made mainly by flax, today they are mostly used for cotton materials, because they are softer and more comfortable to maintain. Contemporary sheets are either 100% cotton (for example, Jersey) or a mixture of cotton and other fabrics, for example elastane.

Terry sheets

Terry is just one of the mixed materials where about 20% are synthetic or elastic fibers. This specific loop knitwear is well-kept but not so comfortable to touch. Unfortunately, cheap bed sheets will soon start to “crumble”, making transparent places. Thanks to looser loops, the sheet can easily be tightened.

Velvety luxury with long life

Sheets of quality knitwear have several advantages over terry sheets. Velvet sheets – are sheets made of quality knitwear (labeled velvet) First, it is a higher weight, a firmer material with a longer life. You will surely be excited about the wide coloring and the fact that very high-quality colors are used, which will not get darker. But above all, the velvet sheets are very nice to the touch and hold firmly to the mattress so sleeping on them is really luxurious. Thanks to these features, the velvet bed is an integral part of your bed