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Expand your cultivation options using a hotbed

If we have a smaller garden and we do not have a greenhouse, we can make at least a barbecue.

Where to place the hotbed

The parks are not demanding for construction. It is a glazed shed. Glazing is sloping and protects plants from rain. Because it will be a permanent element of your garden, it should be located somewhere in a protected place, but not under tree branches. A wall, a hedge, or some screens will protect it against the wind.

Because it needs plenty of sunlight, the south or southwest part of the garden is an ideal place. If the hotbeds are small and light, we can carry them, as needed, to different places in the garden.

Keep in mind that hotbeds need to be easily accessible, they need to have good and good ventilation. The frame should be placed on a solid surface (concrete, tile, brick, sanded or gravel surface). The substrate forms a black foil that prevents weed growth.

Hotbeds heated

This type of fodder plant is suitable for plant growing even during winter or early spring. The modern solution is a hotbed with a heating cable that heats the ground. It is embedded in the inner part of the steam room and must be provided with a watertight connection of the electrical circuit.

Keep in mind that …

  • To avoid humid standing air, it is necessary to ventilate whenever possible.
  • The fog window needs to be kept clean. If we plan to cultivate plants more delicate, we can paint it with shading color.
  • During winter, it is advisable to create a polystyrene inner insulation.
  • Once we finish the seed, it is advisable to keep the steam room closed until the plants begin to germinate. Then we can afford ventilation.