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Do you want to get rid of garden waste? Use it for heating

Every gardener solves problems with the cut branches of trees, shrubs and hedges.

If you choose the right helpers, you can flood them or feed the garden. You will be helped by crushers or chippers. Which ones to choose?

Crusher vs. chipper

The crusher cuts the branches into small pieces, which can then be used in a compost or mulch. It processes bark, branches of trees and shrubs, and other garden waste.

The chipper cuts the branches into larger pieces that can be used for heating.

When to reach for the crusher?

If you want to use wood waste for the well – being of the garden, be it mulch or compost.

It makes small wood pulp from wood waste. You will also deal with fresh branches. The problem is the vertically-growing side branch that is cut off due to the smaller size of the inlet.

The chopper will handle a branch up to 4.5 cm in diameter.

They crush crushers if you mix the blended material – tiny branches cut through the thicker branches that pull the tiny ones away and there is no clogging.

It is also necessary to guard the cutting blades and replace them once in a while, according to the frequency of use.

The crusher takes the material itself, so there is no need to develop great force when inserting. The disadvantage is the noise that occurs during the machine’s work.

What about the chipper?

This helper is ideal if you use wood for heating not only in stoves but also in the fireplace. The woodworking machine cuts on bigger pieces. Here it is preferable to let the branches lie for several weeks to dry and then use the chipper.

Against the crusher, the chipper is quieter.

In the current offer, you will find crushers and chippers with a plastic container to which the resulting mass falls.

When choosing to watch:

  • Security features – prevents the machine from being pushed into the machine.
  • Castors – which will make it easier to move the technique
  • Recommendations and experience of other users.