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Domestic birds in your garden

If you have a garden, consider breeding domestic birds. It is not over fresh home-made eggs and, in addition to chickens, the domestic geese or ducks are slowly starting to grow. If you also decide to buy some kind of gardener, keep in mind that everyone has some demands.

Hen breeding

in addition to eggs, the hens help you get rid of ticks and small insects and you can make excellent fertilizer from their dung.

If you give hens little space, they will destroy it on the bare ground. They like to eat rabbits, hunt insects and beetles and harvest the seeds. The more space you give them better, not only for them but also for the garden, it will easily resist their “raids”. If you do not want deep holes to crack, make sure you have room for scumbagging – a doll or a low ash container. However, it needs to be covered by the rain. If you want to separate the space from other parts of the garden, you can use a hedge, but you need to combine them with a mesh, because the hens are easily stretched everywhere.

  • Safe chicken coop

This is needed for the night. In the winter it is advisable to place litter (dry straw, dried walnut leaves – it works against parasites). During the snow season, it is necessary to feed it, water and ash.

The steak must be dry, ventilated, but must not be draft. You need to close it, protecting hens against kunami.

In a quiet part of the hen house, place a kelp where the hens can bear the eggs.

Breeding domestic ducks

Nowadays, the breeding of Indian runners is beginning to grow, leaving the slug garden. They can also find them in the mulch layer or higher grass. Because they have a light body, they do not suffer vegetation. You do not have to worry about the vegetables you grow on beds, they are not interested here. They need a lot of space and, unlike the hens, they do not cause you any damage.

  • Bath area

Ducks, unlike hens, need a regular bath. Ideal for them is a garden pond with gradual entry. In the event of an emergency, a low cabin is also sufficient.

  • Accommodations

For accommodation there is a space that can be locked for the night. This prevents unwanted loss. If there are stronger frosts, create a space that will be covered with dry straw.

Domestic goose breeding

Geese need space. They behave primarily for meat. As a food, the grass that they salvage is sufficient. Ideal for them is an enclosure where the grass is enough. Just like ducks, they need a bath, but a spacious duct is enough.