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Do not scrub in the garden in March

Although winter has not yet told her last word, we have to complete all the maintenance and preparation work in the garden. And not only that. In March, osau it is necessary to carefully prepare the garden for the following growing season. Now is the best time.

Ornamental garden

In March, not only spring types of bulbous and tuberous flowers, but also ornamental trees will bloom in the garden. At this time, we can already remove the protection we have given plants against cold in the winter months. We are spreading conifers that have been locked in winter for heavy snow damage. If frost is no longer the most suitable period for planting roses, hedges and ornamental trees. We clean the beds from moss and old leaves. Boil them and add compost. We sow the plants sensitive to frost. We compose dry pomegranate.

Fruit garden

If we did not make a tree cut in the winter, it is now time to do it quickly. We carry out grafting during this period. Fruit trees must also be protected from spatters, aphids and other pests that begin to reappear in warmer weather. We clean, trim, smoothen and pour the lavender beds. Cut gooseberries, currants and raspberries.

Vegetable garden

In March, we will mainly sow the vegetable garden. Roast the root vegetables in the soil, keep them in the damp and, after germination, unify them. At the beginning of the month we also sow tomatoes. Add the pepper to the frying pan or boxes, which after shuffling under the foil lid is shuffled to a warm bed. At the end of the month, we sow radish, which we can harvest for a month. Sowing and planting are protected from night frosts with non-woven fabrics. In good weather we plant potatoes.

Lawn care

Now is the highest time for gradual liming of the lawn. This neutralizes the soil and prevents the growth of the moss in the lawn. In the end of March and early April, we can also re-seed unsightly cracked areas and all the bare spots in the lawn. And since spring is the time when birds begin to nest, we will not forget the trees to hang up the new bird booths.