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Do you know which plants create a positive energy in your home?

There are many different types of energies in every house and apartment. They affect the feelings and achievements of the people who are part of this home. It is very important to have positive energy at home and around the whole family.

Some energies can be easily identified and are very powerful, but there are also gentle energies that you only know intuitively.

We can make positive energy at home very easily. It is enough to place appropriate flowers in the apartment.

Plants with positive effects

The plant with positive effects on our environment is a whole lot. Some are very common, others are more rare. Maybe you also have one in your home.

  • Jasmine

According to people in Persia, it is a sacred plant with a rich health benefit. It is a flower with a pleasant smell, it can create a romantic atmosphere, increase energy levels, reduce anxiety, boost productivity, activate heart chakra, strengthen your relationships, increase self-esteem, promote better sleep. It should be bloomed to the south and placed near the window. If you have it in the garden, you need to place it in the northeast, eastern or northern part of the garden.

  • Rosemary

In addition to the healing properties, it can also clean our home. Helps eliminate negative energy, fights anxiety and fatigue. Place it right at the door and the negative energy stays out.

  • Sage

It helps to eliminate negative emotions such as anger or fear. It supports positive energy, cleans the place where we live, bacteria.

  • Aloe

In addition to the healing properties, aloe can clean the air from various chemicals and from negative vibrations. If it is in a dirty environment, its leaves are brown.

  • Orchid

According to Feng Shui, the orchid can help to improve the energy around our home and improve our spiritual well-being. At night, it releases oxygen, but also balances energy.

  • Lavender

Lavender is a fragrant herb with a lot of benefits: it reduces stress, removes toxins, improves the process of relaxation, reduces heart rate, relieves insomnia or headaches.